June 29, 2022 3 min read

Love ; Definition by Merriam-Webster

Love is a noun, The essential meaning of love
1. : a feeling of strong or constant affection for a person
2. : attraction that includes sexual desire: the strong affection felt by people who have a romantic relationship.3. : affection based on admiration, or common interests

"We invite you to join us in Celebrating our Love"                                       On  this day we will marry the one we laugh with, live for, dream with, loveWe have chosen to continue our growth through marriage"

 If we had affirmed daily our wedding invitation, perhaps our marriage would have survived.

I recently made up my mind that I would delve into whatever it takes to have a healthy wholesome loving relationship and I want to curate a responsible conversation about Marriage and  Love.....

As a bridal headpiece expert, I‘ve met and counseled many brides over the years. In the beginning my quest was to encourage my brides to enjoy the process of preparation for a glorious wedding day. The wedding day is over in a blink of an eye, and you miss the joy if you are not intentionally having a great time during the process. Thank God for photographs and videos, however you must be intentional about the memories you want to create. You must also be intentional about the Marriage you want to create! 

I absolutely loved my wedding. I hired the Spirit Ensemble who performed during each moment of our celebration. During the ceremony we marched in to a harp and flute. Our exit was to a drum line where we also greeted our guests, it was majestic. Steel pans were played during the cocktail sip while we escaped to take photos of the bridal party and family. We partied to the entire ensemble it was magical. I wish we had planned our marriage with special attention to details about each other as we did for the wedding day. Six months later I was pregnant.

I married a man who wouldn't touch me while I was pregnant because he felt my body was for the baby. I was blind sided by his thinking. My primary love language is physical touch. Most people think that means sex but touch can be cuddling ,holding hands, getting a daily hug, getting your feet or back rubbed at the end of a long day. We never had a conversation about having children ,nor did we speak the same love language. As a result I did not feel loved nor was I able to request what I needed without a lot of anger and resentment. You must create the space and time to speak a language that fills you both with the love you desire. There are five love languages and you must at least speak the same dialect to keep your love tanks full.

The five love languages are; Words of Affirmation, Acts of Service, Receiving Gifts, Quality Time, and Physical Touch. Each one is important and expresses love in it’s own way. Learning your partner’s and your own primary love language will help create a stronger bond in your relationship. The 5 Love Languages” The Secret to Love That Lasts ”is the #1 New York Times Best Seller by Dr. Gary Chapman.  Dr. Chapman has written a series of books about the Five Love Languages http://www.5lovelanguages.com(LOVE LANGUAGE QUIZ)

  • The most common love language is words of affirmation: 23 percent
  • Quality time: 20 percent
  • Acts of service :20 percent
  • Physical touch:19 percent
  • Receiving gifts : 18 percent