June 29, 2022 1 min read

In African legend, a love of cowrie shells shows that you could be family to an ocean spirit of wealth and earth. Because of their unique vulva-like appearance and because they come from the ocean, it is a sacred symbol of Love Sea Goddesses in various cultures .It also represents the Goddess of protection in the ocean as well as connected with the strength and dense power of the Ocean.

In Africa, and in the America's, the cowrie symbolized destiny and prosperity. Also thought of as the mouth of Orisha.

In Mende culture  cowrieshells are viewed as symbols of womanhood, fertility , birth  and wealth. It's underside is supposed by  one modern ethnographic author. To represent a vulva or an eye.

This beautiful daughter's of the dust look is styled by Sheryl Roberts of Indigostyle.

The cowrie shell branches are by Legacy Beauloni .Order yours today for 95.00 plus shipping fee.

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description; heavy gauge wired cowrie branche in gold tone or silver tone with leather ties on  either end.